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Visual content and its types: How they maximize audience engagement?


Though text-based content has been a fundamental component for brands since the start of search engine optimization (SEO); text alone no longer remains an ideal choice to efficiently target the audience. Nowadays, text in combination with suitable visual content is used to effectively communicate a message to a prospective audience. Creation of informative and interesting content with pictures is become essential not only to stand out in the crowd but also to convey information in a persuasive manner. Logically created visuals successfully deliver a brand story and help to accomplish expected goals with content marketing.

A huge amount of content is being created and shared across social networking sites for personal and professional purposes. In fact, the internet is crowded with all kinds of content. This makes it more difficult to catch audience attention with text content solely.

Why visual content becomes a necessity?

Humans are visual learners. Our brain tends to absorb and retain visuals presentations more effectively as compared to text. According to the findings of researchers at the Management Information Systems Research Center of the University of Minnesota, visuals are 43% more persuasive. After considering this capability of the human mind to quickly process information with images, you must incorporate visuals across your content to maximize audience engagement in your brand.

What types of visual content can be used?

Perhaps you are planning a content marketing strategy for your brand promotion and looking for a suitable kind of visual content to maximize engagement of potential audiences. Here I am sharing few common types of visual content you may use to achieve your goals.


Use of high quality and relevant images in a blog post or website content is a good way to split up the body.  The reader will skip reading the lengthy content without any visual. Oversaturation of digital content and augmented use smart devices has reduced the attention span of viewers. Content with images has more views. Always use high-quality images with right file size.

Try to use original photos or you can also download images from photo-sharing sites and customize them before using. When downloading from a free resource you should make sure you have the authority to use it.  

Slide share presentations

PowerPoint presentations are no longer boring and restricted to a conference room in your office. A website like SlideShare allows everyone to upload their presentation to share with the whole world. Whether you want to introduce a new product or service with your audience or you want to share a highly informative blog with your readers, you may create a presentation on SlideShare to enhance the exposure. All you need is to pick a design template with attractive colours.

A beautifully created presentation will keep readers engaged. Short text accompanied with suitable visuals makes these presentations entertaining, scannable and actionable. Maintain consistency throughout the presentation and use similar fonts, colours and borders till the last slide of a presentation. Single slides can also be added within the content as an image.

Information Design

Information design involves the representation of information in a highly understandable form while making it accessible to users as well. It is associated with the use of graphic design to display information in an understandable layout. You can implement this approach for interpretive graphics, visual displays and commercial signs. Let me take the example of hipmunk.com an online search portal for searching flights, hotels and cars across the world. This website beautifully utilizes information design and display results for searches along with price comparison from low to high. Simple visualization of complex data helps users to quickly grasp the search results. In simple words, information design is data visualization in an understandable format.


Addition of infographic post on your blog and creation of an infographic with relevant and images and message is a proven way to increase website traffic, backlinks and shares on social media. It will allow presenting complex data in an attractive and comprehensible format. To obtain maximum benefits of infographics; you will need to focus on design and use of colours, fonts and shapes. Choose them carefully for efficient data visualization. Don’t forget to double check the accuracy of the information you are planning to share with viewers.

Always include thumbnail image and hyperlink in an infographic to drag more traffic to your website. Do optimize the landing page and conduct promotional activities like sharing on social media sides to gain maximum views. You will be amazed after watching a high level of user engagement for monotonous statistical data represented in an infographic. A user-friendly infographic doesn’t require lengthy content for publishing on the blog. A simple paragraph stating the information with important keywords is enough.


Memes are the text carrying images or captions with the capacity to convey a message to the viewer. When it comes to creating a meme for your brand, you should identify whether it’s suitable for your niche or not. Instead of using humorous text, you can also use branded quotes. Memes should be added at the start or at the end of the article to grasp attention. Meaningful quotes and interesting visuals promote audience to builds an emotional connection with a brand. Especially, if the target audience consists of a youngster, memes will boost up the credibility of the brand and increase the number of followers on social media. Placing a company logo at the image corner will also help in branding.

Screenshots with information

Screenshot with text captions and footnotes is a great way to describe your product or service in a bit detail without asking users to read in-depth information. It will help you to emphasize any specific feature of your product. Screenshots can be used to highlight important things, which might be missed otherwise. In addition to explaining product features, screenshots of customer reviews will increase brand credibility. The beauty of using annotated screenshots is their capacity to use for anything from instructions to displaying live captured information you want to share.

Videos/Explainer Videos

People love sharing videos across social media websites. A thoughtfully created video can increase brand exposure. From a how-to video showing a product resolving a problem to an animated explainer video introducing a company; a video has the highest capability to communicate with the audience.  It is capable to create the maximum level of user engagement. While creating a video for your brand make sure that everything matches with overall style and ethos of your company. Addition of video on the landing page significantly increase conversions and doubles the profit. 

Data Visualization

Effective use of maps, charts and graphs make it easier to present facts, huge numeric figures in image form. Data visualization let you represent data in the form of vibrant image and facilitates audience to understand it easily. Data visualization should reflect brand colors and fonts to maintain uniform brand image.

Endnote: Despite efficacy of visual content, always create quality visuals according to your audience needs. Avoid unplanned content creation to build brand reputation.

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