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Augmented Reality Is A New Game Changer for Small Business


Augmented Reality (AR) has been glorified for more than a decade without much influencing most businesses its real value. But the advancement in technology is efficiently proving the worth of Augmented Reality (AR), and it can be put to practical use without any second thought

The incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) is the collaborative experience of a real-world environment that is created by perceptual information being generated by the computer. The big-budget companies aren’t the only ones enjoying the bounties of Augmented Reality, because AR is successfully cooperating in new ventures, small businesses, and latest market operations.

Conversely, most of the small businesses are following the latest AR trends, as a new channel of attracting more customers, retendering the existing one, and ultimately becoming more lucrative and a better market player. Currently, Augmented Reality (AR) is magnificently finding its place across a wide range of industries, including entertainment business and marketing as well. As per small businesspeople, AR is a new way to escalate the business in the era of cutthroat competition.

Real-Life Business Examples of Augmented Reality (AR)

AR can help in the accomplishment of multiple things for your business. The correct application of this astonishing technology can cause your business to adore endless perks and advantages.
Have a look at the real-life examples of all those companies that have inaugurated the AR, demonstrating that it’s an exceptionally immersive and collaborating technology and can be accessed easily by all sizes of business sectors.

Décor Matters

Décor Matters is a design and décor furniture retailer shop. The company has started implementing the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The company presents the newest furniture designs by mixing game designs with some home decorating tools. The core purpose of including AR technology by the company is to make the furniture and home goods shopping easy and quite faster for the customers.

Now the question arises how AR technology supports the company? Well, the application enables and helps the customers in the creation of DIY design projects. They can start from basic scratch design and can amend the existing design concepts being imitated from Instagram and Pinterest.

The AR feature of the brand empowers the users to screen and preview the latest Homegoods in their personal space. It enables the customers to make a judgment about the existing designs and the most recent items. Décor Matters provide endless home furnishing options from well-known retailers, including West Elm, Target, IKEA, Overstock, Ashley, and many others. The users can download the Décor Master application without paying additional charges.

Gap Inc

To save the valuable time of the customers and to avoid the aggravations of finding the desirable dress, GAP has recently created the Dressing Room app. This app enables the customers to try the outfits in the virtual mirror. The implementing of AR and introduction of this app by GAP inc is an incredible exertion to cut down the efforts and choosing the desired dress by visiting the fitting room multiple times. The availability of this app has made it convenient for the customers to select the best-fitted outfit for themselves in no time.


It is a mobile and web development company. As per the personal experiences of this company, “an AR-enabled device comes with a software that identifies image, object and includes the relevant content.” Such inclusions create a real impact on layered visualization.

Image Source: https://codetiburon.com/create-augmented-reality-experience-for-business

Wanna Kick

Sneaker freaks always find it amazing to explore the latest variety of shoes, Wanna Kick app is the best solution for them to sort through. The implication of latest AR technology and the inclusion of Wanna Kick app enables the customers to drool over the latest, trendy and classic variety of sneaker designs. The app uses AR visualization that permits the customers to see will sneaker fit well in their feet and do they look suitable on their feet or not. Users can check out the new look any time as the is readily available and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. 

Image Source: https://wanna.by

Iman Cosmetics

Recently, Iman Cosmetics have been found busy dealing with the latest AR. The brand has developed an app that makes convenient for the consumers to choose the right foundation shade according to their skin tone. The app is known as “Color Signature,” and it is famous among the customers.


Aecomis assists visualize models of the architects. The company has started using AR technology to help engineers and architects from all over the globe. The company resolves the issues and underlying problems related to visualizing models of large buildings. The company is using some latest technologies including “HoloLens Technology” for the projection and implementation of 3D engineering models as holograms. This technology will be useful in remote places.

Final Thought

The fantastic innovations are more likely to help the customers in making their affirm decision. The AR technology is an upright way for the customers to feel less pressure of limited time and will enhance their decision-making power. AR is the best way for small businesses and new companies to prove them unique and stand out from the crowd. 

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